2010 Eurovision WTF Awards

Thursday, 3 June 2010 -- 6:30 pm

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about Eurovision by this point, but last year I started a tradition, and darnit, I’m sticking with it! It’s time to announce the 2010 winners of the Eurovision WTF awards!

But first, since I have a large American audience that has the misfortune to not watch Eurovision, I’d like to share the actual 2010 winner, a pretty decent* song by Lena from Germany:

She definitely has a Lily Allen vibe about her. Her voice? Her dress?
Comparison: Lily Allen vs Lena
But she wasn’t the only sound-alike performance this year. Belgium’s Tom Dice was definitely channeling some John Mayer.

And now, the WTF Winners!

I had a tough time deciding on my WTF champions this year, because most of the acts were all very much in the middle of the pack.  The truly bad performances were just people who couldn’t sing without auto-tuning, so instead of making you raise a confused eyebrow, they just made you groan.  There were a lot of acts this year that were clearly going for the goofball vote, and in this category, I’d like to offer an honorable mention to both Estonia and Lithuania (watch it to the end for their brilliant, shiny finale).  They each had us laughing for days, and we were all sad that they didn’t make it to the final.  Surprisingly, both of my WTF choices this year actually made it through the semi-final round!

2010 Eurovision WTF Runner-Up:
Moldova – “Run Away” by SunStroke Project and Olia Tira

(If the video gets pulled, search YouTube for Eurovision Moldova 2010.)

I actually really like Moldova’s performance, and it can really get stuck in your head.  The bizarre wardrobe and crazy makeup are certainly a little left-field, but it’s the fabulously obscene saxophone player that makes them the runners-up in the WTF category.  (We’ve all been joking about the sax player for days, and his solos have since been looped into a single video, introducing the concept of “saxrolling” in the same vein as Rickrolling.)

2010 Eurovision WTF Winner:
Serbia – “Ovo je Balkan” by Milan Stanković

The hair!  The song!  The backup dancing!  The androgyny!  W.T.F.?

Serbia actually came in 13th!  Out of 39 entries, that’s pretty good!  This just goes to show that people clearly have different tastes, because this is one act that I just did not get.  At all!  I could never quite tell how much of it was farce and how much was semi-serious.  I found the crazy robot-dancing bridesmaid strippers on turntables extremely distracting.  I do find it amusing, but not in the way that I would vote for it.

And that’s what I love about Eurovision!   There’s really no standard formula for success, because you just never know what people will vote for!

4 Responses to “2010 Eurovision WTF Awards”

  1. Shane Says:

    I’m not sick of hearing about Eurovision!

    As soon as you said you were going to the show, I was already anticipating these posts. I am happy with all Eurovision, all the time.

    By the way, I really dig the winning song (much more than Fairytale)!

  2. Shane Says:

    After loving this Lena song, I thought to myself, “I don’t know who Lily Allen is, but if she sounds like this song, it stands to reason I would like her.”

    Love her!

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  4. What I’m Doing « Is this thing on? Says:

    […] Allen or not. I mentioned previously how I became obsessed with Satellite by Lena. Well, in her original post on the subject, Meg happened to mention that Lena had a passing similarity to British singer Lily Allen. […]

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