How Facebook and the iPad Killed My Blog

Sunday, 21 November 2010 -- 11:50 pm

(Okay, maybe not “killed,” but it’s definitely been in a coma for a while!)

When I created my personal website over 10 years ago, it was my way of letting my friends and family know what I was up to, no matter how far away I moved. It was easier to publish my latest news online rather than sending a note to everyone, and for those who might be curious what I’d been up to, a simple Google search would turn up the site and thus answer their questions.

I started this year with a personal goal to post more, and I did rather well for a while. However, circumstances quickly put an end to that noble effort, and it has been months since my last post.  Looking back, I’ve tried to come up with the reasons for this, and I have a few theories.  At first my rhythm was destroyed by my frequent business trips to Houston, which kept me busy both while I was there (catching up with friends, shopping for things to carry home, etc) and while I was here (catching up on work, making up for time away, etc).  But this wasn’t the whole story.  I think the two biggest factors in my reduced blogging habits owe more to technology than scheduling.

First, the widespread adoption of Facebook provides a simple and well-followed platform for micro-blogging.  There’s no longer a reason to create a blog post with a few brief sentences or photos to share our latest adventure.  A quick status update easily shares an activity or event, and photos of friends can be tagged to let them know they’ve been uploaded.  This leaves the blog for more lengthy posts but also raises the bar a little.

The other thing keeping me from posting is the very thing enabling (I hope) me to post right now.  I pre-ordered an iPad when they first came out, and I’ve been using it incessantly ever since.  In fact, I rarely even use my laptop at home anymore.  If I can’t do something on the iPad, it probably isn’t getting done.  (If it’s extremely important, I can still do it from my work computer.). Blogging is one of those things that isn’t especially easy on the iPad.  I always like to find photos and pictures to illustrate my posts and to make them more aesthetically pleasing, and I don’t really have a good way to do more than the most basic photo editing on the iPad.  Also, I’ve had some problems posting from the device.  This, combined with an increase in my use of Facebook and my busy schedule has led to many months of website silence.

Assuming this post actually works (without too much trouble), I’m hoping to rekindle my posting regularity.  It will likely come with fewer images, but I guess it’s better to post something plain-text than to post nothing at all.  And there’s always a bit of a barrier to re-entry when posting for the first time after a long silence.  I always feel like that first post needs to be more worthwhile for some reason.  Like I can’t break the dry spell with something frivolous.  Yes, it’s silly.  But the hiatus is over, and hopefully I can continue to find something to write about! 

A final note: It seems I’m still having trouble posting from the iPad. The WordPress app isn’t working at all for me, and there are some annoying things about the web interface. Oh, well. At least I’ve ended the post coma.

One Response to “How Facebook and the iPad Killed My Blog”

  1. Toni Says:

    I’m glad I started following this blog. I lost track of you after high school and am grateful that you have this blog so I can see what you’ve been up to.

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